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Why YouTube is not working?

youtube is not working

If you are or you were trying to use YouTube and ran into issues, calm down and take a deep breath, it’s not only you or your phone slowing down, it’s YouTube!

According to the website DownDetector, YouTube seems to be down for many users at the time of writing this article in the last hours.

What about other Google services such as G suite or Google Cloud?

G Suite Status dashboard and Google Cloud status dashboard report green at the time of writing this article.

YouTube issues last 24 hours

YouTube not working
Data according to DownDetector

What can I do to fix it?

TeamYouTube has acknowledged the issue and signaled that they are working on a fix and so far, the only thing all users can do is wait until Google fixes it.

Earlier this year in September, Google had a much more widespread outage that affected multiple services, including Gmail, Drive, and Nest, mirroring a similar issue in March and around September 22 or 23 Google confirmed two indexing issues affecting thousands of websites.

Long-short story, it’s been a rough year for Google’s uptime. Hopefully, today’s episode won’t last too long.

Let’s us know if you are having issues using YouTube today in the comments below!

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