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Massive Outages Hit Instagram and Facebook, Affecting Users Globally

Users attempting to access Facebook are encountering lockouts, and Instagram’s functionalities are not operating correctly.

Both, Instagram and Facebook, along with Messenger and Threads, are facing extensive issues that prevent users from logging in. Reports of Facebook disruptions surged on Down Detector shortly before 3pm, with over 300,000 incidents recorded.

The site also noted upwards of 25,000 Instagram disruptions, aggregating user-generated status reports.Facebook’s difficulties seem to result in login failures, with affected users unable to regain account access or reset passwords.

Instagram is experiencing glitches with the loading of timelines, stories, and comments.

However, WhatsApp, another Meta-owned platform, seems unaffected. Meta’s communications director, Andy Stone, acknowledged the service disruptions on X, previously known as Twitter, stating, “We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.”

In conclusion, Meta’s team is actively working to resolve the issues. WhatsApp remains operational. Users are advised to stay tuned for updates as Meta addresses the service interruption, while the exact cause of the outage is not detailed yet!

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