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Google confirms indexing issues


Google said it is fixing the issue and there is no action you need to take!

Google confirmed two indexing issues and these issues are believed to have started around September 22 or 23. That’s when the SEO community began noticing big changes to the search results.

Google’s confirmation:

Google said on Twitter via the Search Liaison account, “we are currently working to resolve two separate indexing issues that have impacted some URLs. One is with mobile-indexing. The other is with canonicalization, how we detect and handle duplicate content. In either of these two cases, pages might not be indexed.”

Canonicalization issue:

Google also added that it may not index pages “if the canonical issue is involved, URL Inspector may show the URL as a duplicate and the Google-selected canonical will be different from it.”

Mobile-indexing issue:

Google have explained in some cases it was not indexing pages “if a previously indexed page has gone, it might be the mobile-indexing issue, where we’re failing to select any page at all to index.

Long story short, it looked like in some cases, Google was showing a completely wrong URL for a page or not showing that page at all in its index.

What can you do? 

The answer is nothing, literally! Google said it will take care of the issue. This is what Google wrote:

“There’s no action to take with these issues on the part of site owners. We apologize for the issues here and are working rapidly to resolve them. We’ll update this thread as each is corrected.”

Final Thoughts:

If you have been struggled ranking your website and trying to get more traffic, one of the reason may be this Google’s bug. It may be something else that is affecting your website, but at least now you know this could be one of the reasons.

Let’s us know on the comments if you are having any issue related it


Google said:

  • it may take days to fully resolve both these issues completely, but we have restored many URLs already and are working quickly to process more.
  • The mobile-indexing issue impacted roughly about 0.2% of our index, beginning in early September but really spiking from around the middle of this week through late yesterday. We’ve since restored about 1/4 of those URLs & keep reprocessing more.
  • The issue with canonicals impacted roughly about 0.02% of our index, beginning around Sept. 20 until late yesterday around 4:30pm PT. We’ve since restored about 10% of those URLs and keep reprocessing more.”
  • “The mobile indexing was effectively resolved yesterday, with about 99% of the URLs restored. Work on the canonical issue continues, with about 55% of impacted URLs restored.”
  • “Final update: the canonical issue was effectively resolved last Wednesday, with about 99% of the URLs restored. We expect the remaining edge cases will be restored within a week or two.”

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