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Best Coworking Spaces In Costa Rica

best coworking spaces in the world

Digital nomad life is amazing in so many ways! You can work from wherever you want and, in some cases, whenever you want. However, if you live this lifestyle, you already know that it can also come with challenges, one of the most important is that it can be especially difficult to find a space that promotes productivity.

So, whether Costa Rica is in your bucket list travel or you live there already working remotely, we’ve found some of the best coworking places to set up your door customers and find out through emails, conference calls, and deadlines.

Selina CoWork San José

Selina CoWork is located in San Jose, Jacó, La Fortuna, Santa Teresa (north and south), and other cities around Costa Rica. It’s known for providing high-quality office spaces with everything you need to get things done. The amenities vary by location, but they always include cuisine, guest apartments, bars, high-speed internet, and pools (for those much-needed breaks).

Selina CoWork is a hostel-style business that allows you to eat, sleep, work, and play all in one location. Their sites are designed with a sense of community in mind, allowing guests to meet new people in between work and play.

Gracias Coffee & Cowork

This place located in San Jose, has all the necessary amenities to complete any task! This is a good alternative for individuals who need to get creative work done, as it includes a recording studio, graphic design space, and digital printers.

Individuals can rent a typical open area for $10 per day, as well as meeting and workshop facilities with projectors and TVs that can accommodate up to ten people.

As you push through your workday, the internet connection is quick and reliable, and its in-house brew will have you coming back for seconds and thirds!

Puerto & Co. Coworking Space & Vegan Café

If you’re not into big cities and plan to spend your time in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, head to Puerto Viejo. In the quaint little town of Puerto Viejo in the southeast corner of the country, you’ll find Puerto & Co. Coworking Space & Vegan Café – one of Costa Rica’s most relaxed coworking spaces. 

Puerto & Co. Coworking Space & Vegan Café is conveniently located in the downtown, giving you access to the little shops and amenities that Puerto Viejo has to offer to everyone. It’s an outdoors cafe, which is great because it allows you to get your work done while enjoying some fresh air and beautiful views. There are more than 20 desks with comfortable office chairs, two meeting rooms that can accommodate four to six people, and a lounge area with a lot of desks and comfy pear chairs.

This place offers a quick and stable internet connection, amazing organic coffee and an impressive vegan menu that includes a selection of bowls, smoothies and baked goods. You can pay by day, week, month or even hour, with 10% off all food and drink.

Bonus: If you’re a vegan or just prefer to eat super healthy, you’ll fall madly in love with your dining options at this coworking space!

Creasala Coworking

Creasala Coworking offers everything for digital nomads from coworking areas,  private meeting spaces to rooms with full A/C setups for workshops or courses! 

With daily coworking rates starting about $6 per day, including high-speed internet and free coffee, this is an excellent spot for freelancers and solopreneurs to set-up shop and work through their projects..


If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica and want to stay close to the beach, then LoCoworking will be your go-to office space. LoCoworking is Samara’s first coworking area and is known for gathering artists, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads from all over the world to meet, work, and be inspired.

Parking, event rooms, high-speed internet, air conditioning, standing desks, lockers, and even a book exchange are all available in this fully equipped office space. It’s an excellent location to meet other remote workers who share your interests. You can also relax at the nearby beach, which is only a three-minute walk away!

Sand & Surf Co-working

Sand and Surf is a clean, modern facility in the beautiful coastal town of Tamarindo that provides access to remote workers 24/7. 

Guests get access to high-speed internet in an elegant and welcoming setting for as little as $15 per day. Private offices can be rented for $25 per day for people who require a bit extra concentration or a quiet space for conference calls. Sand and Surf is a wonderful no-frills alternative that will provide you with all you need to get through the day.

Plus, it’s in a great location—you can take breaks at the beach or surf after a long day of teleconferences!

SkyLoft Coworking

SkyLoft is one of the more interesting spaces on our list, located in the lively town of Santa Teresa. They provide an open-air atmosphere for entrepreneurs and digital nomads, with the option to lease a desk in their stimulating and extremely productive environment.

Aside from using their desks and office space, members get access to a cool lounge and an outdoor terrace, as well as a trampoline and a variety of other top-notch services. If you need a break, go on an ATV ride through the lush rainforest, ride horses on the lovely beach, or take a brief plunge in Costa Rica’s warm tropical seas.

Impact Hub San José

San José is huge, so if you’re staying in the Costa Rican capital, here’s another great choice for your coworking needs. Impact Hub provides its members with a variety of resources to help them live the digital nomad lifestyle, including entrepreneurial programs, innovation advice, future skills seminars, and creative spaces.

Their San José site, which is part of a global network of Impact Hubs, allows guests to collaborate with and connect with other like-minded travelers who are part of a larger community that embrace the nomad lifestyle.

Impact Hub is a hidden gem, but once you uncover the little red unmarked door, you’ll discover a spacious workstation full with nooks and hammocks where you can work on your laptop while sipping their rich and awesome coffee.

They have rooms with air conditioning for meetings and small events, and you can either utilize the space as a guest or join the larger Impact Hub network, which gives you access to coworking spaces all over the world.

Final thoughts

Costa Rica is a stunning country with abundant natural beauty and a reputation for sand and surf. If you’re a digital nomad, this country is probably on your list of places to work remotely if you haven’t previously been.

The low-cost accommodations and easy access to nature provide guests with a variety of places to rest in between working days, as it grows in popularity among digital nomads, more and more fantastic coworking spaces emerge!

Costa Rica is the place to be if you’re searching for a vacation that is almost always sunny, lovely, affordable, and where you can get your work done at the same time.

If you’re a digital nomad or freelancer looking for the best coffee shops in Costa Rica, Your Freelancer Here has got you covered.

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